3D audio demonstrations

In order to fully appreciate what 3D audio is, you need to have a LISTEN…

To explain very briefly the concept behind 3D audio:

  • If you close your eyes and click your fingers in different locations around your head, you will notice that you are able to locate sounds in space with no more than the signals your two ears are receiving
  • Imagine that you were to now insert a tiny microphone into each of your two ears, and then go and attend a concert of your favourite band and record the whole concert with these two microphones stuck in your ears
  • If you now take the recording that you made at the concert and then put it on your mp3 player and play it using headphones, by effectively playing the exact signal that entered your ears at the concert back into your ears, you will hear the concert in 3D as if you were standing back in the crowd
  • In short, all the information your brain needs to tell you that sounds are coming from outside of your head are embedded in the signals that arrive at the entrance of your two ear canals


Here is one such recording, accomplished with the use of tiny microphones as mentioned above that are inside the ears of the dummy head you can see in the middle of the people playing instruments. Watch the video below and listen.

Other sites dedicated to these types of recordings are: ‘through my ears’ blog, Duen Hsi Yen’s Binaural Sound Page , and Bird vs. Alligator .

These examples are great demonstrators of 3D audio. However, they are just recordings , known as binaural recordings. Arkamys is now dedicated to push the technology even further, by being able to synthesise any audio content that you may have on your mobile phone or mp3 player, so that it is rendered in 3D and is personalised .

Don’t forget to check the ‘ 3D Audio Showdown ‘ page for more demos and the ‘ Project Demo ‘ page on this blog for an example of what the personalisation of 3D audio really is, and what it is like to listen through someone else’s ears…

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