Every person’s ear is different; “as individual as fingerprints” Fred Whightman explains…

is a very accessible scientific journal article explaining how the shape of your own ear is unique and how this determines your perception of the sounds you hear around you everyday. And can you adapt to new ear shapes, or learn to listen with someone else’s ears?

If the journal article was not convincing enough, have a look at this 1998 BBC report on how a murderer was caught using his earprint…

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  1. hi David,
    The Wightman & Kistler article and the Hofman et al article it refers to both make a case that humans can adapt to achieve very good localisation with non-personalised HRTFs…
    Is there evidence that makes the opposite case – that it is necessary to have personalised HRTFs, despite adaptation?
    or is adaptation simply too slow or not effective enough to be useful?

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