“How do they do it?” Virtual Haircut explained

If you haven’t already listened (USING HEADPHONES) to the Virtual Haircut (available on the author’s site or below) then you really should…

It is an example of what is called a ‘ binaural recording ‘. A dummy head, with tiny microphones stuck inside its ears, is used to record an acoustic environment such as a person cutting your hair or a band playing in a room. You then listen to the binaural recording over headphones and it is as if you were sitting at the position of the dummy head at the moment of the recording. The best way to really understand the process is to just watch and listen to these examples:


‘ ‘ by Ottmar Liebert

John Q. Walker’s talk (7 minutes 45 seconds in) entitled ‘Re-creating great performances’ from the EG 2007 conference posted on TED

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