Which ears are you?

The research behind the ‘listen with your own ears’ project is progressing. Below is a figure of a ‘people space’ showing a set of different people’s ears (the green dot is an example of where you the listener might be situated)…

The aim of the first stage of the project has been to predict where in this space you the listener would be. We are in the process of refining a tool that will be able to predict your position in this space based on a few key morphological parameters (mainly related to the size of your ear). Once your position has been calculated we can then choose the closest neighbour (best set of ears) that is best suited for you. Have a listen here (or click on ‘Project Demo’ at the top of the page) to experience what it is like to listen with another person’s ears. See which set of ears you like more: the red, green or purple?

People Space

People Space

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