3D audio comes to the audiobook

One of my favourite artists Nick Cave has just released a new novel (he is best know for his music in the band ‘Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’) which has just been released as an audiobook using 3D audio

The novel is called ‘The Death of Bunny Munro’, and you can find more info here: www.thedeathofbunnymunro.com

The explanation from the site for the audiobook goes as follows, “The audiobook uses a groundbraking 3D audio spatial mix, specifically designed for listening on headphones, creating a fully immersive experience for the listener”.

Have a listen here USING HEADPHONES! Notice that as the sounds behind Nick Cave’s voice are heard, they tend to move around your head. Listen carefully…

This is a great application of 3D audio as most audiobooks are destined for mp3 players and thus listened using headphones. It really takes listening to audiobooks to a new level, and according to the publishers is “unprecidented”.

The good news is that with the technology from the ‘listen with your own ears’ project you will be able to, in the not-too-distant future, have any audiobook that you may have on your mp3 player (that is not recorded in 3D audio) instantaneously converted to 3D audio and have the sound personalised according to the shape of your ears (see ).

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