3D Audio Demo Showdown

Have a listen to these amazing 3D audio effects USING HEADPHONES ONLY! 3D audio explained here and here.

The ‘3D Audio Demo Showdown’ (known from this point onwards as 3D-ADS) is an initiative that aims to gather all the greatest 3D audio demos out there on the web and rank them (using the Poll below) for your listening pleasure. It is an ongoing project as new demos are submitted and tracked down online.

If you have no idea what 3D audio is, see this previous post or this one .

All the demos seen on this page will also be available on the posted just under the ‘Videos’ section. In fact, in order for a 3D audio demo to make it on this page it needs to exist on YouTube. So if you would like to submit your own 3D audio demo or recommend one simply send the link from YouTube using the form at the bottom of the page.

After clicking on play make sure you click on the ‘HQ’ (High Quality) button if it is available.


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Virtual Barber Shop


Further information on this demo

Radiohead’s ‘House of Cards’

Further information on this demo

Binaural Technique Demo

Binaural Technique Demo – Rafael Sentoma from Bird vs. Alligator on Vimeo .

3D Audio Teleconferencing Demo (or Hearing Aid Demo) (see here for explanation)


Information on this demo

Holophonic Ball Experiment

Information on this demo

Information on this demo

Revolt – Bird vs. Alligator

Information on this demo

Holophonic Matchbox

Jeff’s Top 5 Favorite Things

Information on this demo

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