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In the not-too-distant future Arkamys will be releasing technology that will allow for the ultimate headphone listening experience. The project involves generating a personalised three-dimensional sound , using any type of headphone, for portable media devices such as mobile phones or mp3 players. With this latest technology Arkamys will take listening comfort to new heights.

What is three-dimensional sound?

Three-dimensional sound is an effect, when listening to any audio content over headphones, that gives the listener the illusion of having sounds come from outside of their head like from behind, below or above. This effect creates a more realistic, exciting and dynamic listening experience. See my explanation or the Wikipedia definition .

On this blog you can expect:

  • To be kept up to date with information on the project and the release of products/services
  • To see press releases on the project itself from a variety of media
  • Cutting edge demos for you to test
  • To see more functionalities very soon…

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Look forward to seeing in the next generation of headphone listening with you all.