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Holophonic Ball Experiment site is here!

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

A new binaural demo has been created by the Arkamys team. Keep track of this new project on


“How do they do it?” Virtual Haircut explained

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

If you haven’t already listened (USING HEADPHONES) to the Virtual Haircut (available on the author’s site or below) then you really should…


How do you generate personalized 3D audio?

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Here are some photos demonstrating the time-consuming, expensive, and complicated process most commonly used (here on myself) to generate personalized 3D audio

Press release in The International Herald Tribune and NY Times

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Here is a press release from The International Herald Tribune on the ‘listen with your own ears’ project…


Press release in Le Figaro

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Here is a press release that came out not too long ago in one of France’s leading newspapers on the ‘listen with your own ears’ project…